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To continue your artistic journey, select a kit that best speaks to your personality. Are you a...
Wild Heart
Are you an Earthy, Carefree Wanderer?
This kit includes everything you need to inspire an endless world of complicated nail art that speaks to your heart.
Feeling Sassy, Bold, and Brash?
You dare to live and breathe by your own rules and don’t care what anybody thinks! This kit embodies the love of music, art, gaming and science for you to express yourself anyway you want to.
Feeling Carefree, Down-to-Earth, and Dreamy?
Forever Young strives for nail art designs that are timeless, so you’ll feel confident, comfortable and beautiful whether it’s the year 1995 or 2095.
Feeling like a Feminine, Radiant Flower Child?
Whether you love to wake up and smell the roses or you’re just in need of a mid-week pick-me-up, our Bloomin’ Babe Stamping Starter Kit will deliver fresh bouquets right to your fingertips.
Are You a Chic, Edgy Trendsetter?
New Modern has all the tools necessary to create “acute” and creative manicure just for you! Step up your day-to-night look with edgy geometric, optical patterns.
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